Proficiency Based Learning

Simplify-essential standards

Now is the time to simplify our learning standards

April 16, 2020

Teachers are overwhelmed.  Parents are overwhelmed.  Leaders are overwhelmed. And, to be fair, this feeling isn’t new for educators, though it’s magnified now. It’s time to simplify. Simple does not mean easy. Simple does not  mean that we are letting...

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Personalize learning with empathy

How to personalize learning? Start with empathy.

July 1, 2019

I recently caught up with a  friend of mine, let’s call her Sheila.  We hadn’t talked in some time and I was glad to catch up on her life and, especially, to hear how her daughter, Carolyn, was doing. A History...

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Give students ownership with the Jigsaw

Give students ownership with the Jigsaw

January 25, 2017

Differentiating learning for all students is hard enough—now we are asked to think about giving students a choice and voice in their own learning. Seems like more work for the teacher. And, on the front end, it is. But here...

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Incorporate Retake Tickets in Your Classroom

How to Incorporate Retake Tickets in Your Classroom

January 11, 2017

In theory, most educators likely agree with the philosophy behind Mastery Learning—that there are specific standards that matter most in each course and that our goal is to make sure that each student truly masters, or reaches proficiency, on those...

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